We work with diverse communities to develop specific crafts that give our garments an unparalleled added value.

SAYA l Sitka Semsch has proudly supported Sembrando Juntos since 2019. Together, we are helping this NGO in committed quality education in vulnerable areas in Peru. We believe that the only way to create some change in our country is through children and their education.

Sembrando juntos is a social organization that works so that each child has the possibility to fully develop their own unique potential and therefore, build a better future for them and for all Peruvians. 

They promote innovative education in vulnerable communities making it possible for children to enjoy going to school, where through creativity, curiosity and games they will be protagonists of their own learning.

Besides having a school in Ventanilla; they have launched a training program for teachers from public schools. Their vision includes communities where they work. This is why they have a Community Center; where they offer workshops and a safe space to improve quality life in the community.